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Paying It Forward for the
Love of the Children
– by Kimberly Gadberry
February 2, 2018
Issue 3, Vol 2
– PG. 12
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Have you ever had to reach
out and ask for help? Are your
child’s shoes falling apart but
they must last until a future
payday? No school supplies,
backpacks, or clothes for the
new school year? If you have
had to reach out for help
in any of these instances,
chances are you have heard
the names of Donna Gadber-
ry and Bryant Gray, with the
Hornet Angel Network.
The Hornet Angel Network
began over fifteen years ago
when Donna Gadberry was
a struggling grandmother
raising two young grandchil-
dren by herself. She knew she
would not be able to provide
Christmas for her grandchil-
dren. This is when Gadberry
met two “angels”, Coach Mc-
Minn and Amy Seeds. They
asked her to meet them at
the FB Varsity Gym in about
a week. When she arrived,
she was met with a long line
of players from the FB Girls’
Varsity Basketball Team. Each
player was carrying clothes
and toys for Gadberry’s
grandchildren. “I couldn’t do
anything except stand there
and cry. The only thing I could
say was, ‘I promise I will pay
this forward,’” Gadberry said.
“And I’ve tried to do that.”
Since then, Gadberry has
done her best to provide
food, clothes, and needed
items to families in need.
“The objective is to do
whatever it takes to help the
child have a successful day in
school---whether it is shoes,
clean clothes, a jacket, or food
to eat on the weekend. Then
hopefully when the child is
grown, they will remember,
and pay it forward,” Gadberry
stated. “This is our purpose.
To help the children.”
Hornet Angel Network
works year-round. Begin-
ning in August, individuals
and local churches donate
school supplies, backpacks,
clothes, and personal items
needed for the students to
begin school. Also, different
organizations, such as the
Kiwanis Club (Padre Island),
Island in the Son Methodist
Church (Padre Island), and
St. Paul’s Catholic Charities,
donate “survival bags” for the
students. These bags consist
of food for the child to eat on
the weekends. The bags are
passed out every Friday. Sur-
vival packs began many years
ago when word got back to
the teachers about many of
their students not being fed
on the weekend. The Angel
Network expanded to help
students from every build-
ing take food home for the
weekend. “Seven meals is
too much for anyone to miss,”
Gadberry states, “much less
it being children who don’t
understand why they are not
Donna Gadberry with “snack packs” ready for delivery on January 26, 2018 (Photo by Kimberly Gadberry)
Nueces County Pct. 2 Wal l of Honor
a “Labor of Love”
– by Shirley Thornton
On Tuesday, January 23,
2018, Nueces County Pct. 2
Constable Mitchell Clark un-
veiled the Wall of Honor, ded-
icated to all those elected to
the office since the precincts
inception in 1953. It was an
emotional day for many of
the family members present
at the ceremony for Jewell
W. Ross (1953-1960), John R.
Haynes (1961-1980), Ronnie
Polston (1981-2001), Jerry
Boucher (2001-2016), and
Mitchell Clark (2016-present).
Family members present in-
cluded Kathy Ross Hooge,
Janet Ross Trammell, Fran
Polston, Michael and Anny
Parks, Jodie and Joe Alley,
Billy and Mary Polston, and
Janie (Boucher) Stobbs. Con-
stable Clark, who initiated the
project, said, “The cost of this
project was paid for through
donations and didn’t cost the
taxpayer one cent.”
Seven months ago, Ra-
chel Krane, Constable Senior
Clerk, was charged with the
task of doing the research for
the project. During that time,
she made numerous trips to
the library, searched news-
paper articles, dug through
county archives, and worked
with local historians to get
the information needed. She
was surprised to learn that
better records had not been
kept for elected officials. Still,
she persevered. Krane’s work
was instrumental in bringing
the project to fruition.
Jewell Ross
In 1952, the Nueces County
Commissioners Court shifted
Pct. 8 fromDriscoll to the area
that extended south from
Everhart Road, including the
University of Corpus Chris-
ti on Ward Island, Naval Air
Station Corpus Christi, Flour
Bluff, and all of Padre Island
in Nueces County. Jewell W.
Top: Mitchell Clark; left to right: Jerry Boucher, Ronnie Polston, John R. Haynes, Jewell Ross.
Wall of Honor –
cont. on page 4
Flour Bluff Citizens Council
Elects Four to the Board
On January 15, 2018, at the
general meeting of the Flour
Bluff Citizens Council, the
members re-elected incum-
bents Weston Beseda, Chris
Hooper, and Jonathan Vela to
serve on the board of direc-
tors. Deana Lara was elected
to the position held by James
Skrobarczyk who did not run
for re-election.
The board will meet on
February 12, 2018, where
the directors will re-orga-
nize by electing a president,
vice-president, secretary, and
Other board members
include Shirley Thornton
– President, Jennifer Welp –
Secretary, Justin Green, Kyle
Pape, Lloyd Stegemann, and
Greg Smith – Ex Officio Di-
rector. Hooper has served as
vice-president and Beseda as
treasurer of the board since
its inception in January 2017.
Weston has been a lifelong
resident of Flour Bluff. The
happily married father of two,
has been a part of the FBCC
team since its inception and
has served as the treasurer for
the past year. Weston is a mil-
itary veteran, proudly serving
nearly 10 years active duty in
the Navy. Following comple-
tion of his military service, he
has continued to serve the
public as a re ghter with
the NAS Corpus Christi Fire
Weston has a real desire to
continue to see the Flour Bluff
area succeed and grow for fu-
ture generations. He would
like to see more attention
placed on the infrastructure
of Flour Bluff as well as im-
proved the ailing streets and
sidewalks throughout the
Board –
cont. on page 12
being fed.”
As word got out in the
community, more and more
businesses and churches
have stepped up and provid-
ed much needed items, such
as shoes, jackets, and cloth-
ing. Through this sharing,
Soles for Souls was started.
Soles for Souls was entirely
funded for many years by
South Shore Homes. Owners,
Chuck and Angela Clark, do-
nate 50 pairs of shoes yearly.
This program grew abun-
dantly with the addition of
St. Andrew by the Sea Youth
Group’s yearly participation.
The members of this group,
under the direction of Cheryl
Hooper, raise needed funds
and use the funds to pur-
chase shoes for students at-
tending FBISD. This year the
group provided $3500 worth
of shoes for our students.
“This is a truly Christian grou
who is out raising money fo
others in need. While these
students could be using th
money for trips and other fu
things, they choose to us
it to help their peers. What
a wonderful concept,” Gad
Gadberry –
cont. on page 3
Rachel Krane, Pct. 2 Constable Senior
Nueces County
Junior Livestock
In depth coverage,
see pages 5 - 8
Colton Hooper
Weston Beseda
Deana Lara
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