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On Friday, December 7, 2018,
at 6:00 p.m., Santa will make his
first showing at the Parker Park
Pavilion next to the Ethel Eyer-
ly Community Center on Gra-
ham Road in Flour Bluff thanks
to the efforts of the Flour Bluff
Business Association, HEB Plus,
Flour Bluff Grace Community
Church, Fleet Reserve Branch
#94, and County Commissioner
Brent Chesney. The jolly old elf
in the big, red suit will arrive by
a Nueces County ESD#2 fire en-
gine. While Santa is handingout
gifts outside in the Parker Park
Pavilion, elves inside the com-
munity center will help children
with their letters to Santa and
holiday arts and crafts projects,
and the seniors from the center
will serve refreshments.
Then, starting December
9, 2018, Santa will take to the
streets and wind his way for
eight nights into the hearts of
yet another generation of local
kids. This year Saint Nick and his
elves will give out 9,500 bags of
candy and snacks. All of this
Christmas fun and festivity is
done without the use of a single
December 7, 2018
Issue 23, Vol 2
Hornet Girls Dominate at
FB TISCA Invitational Meet
You Better Watch Out!
Santa Claus Is Coming to Flour Bluff,
the Island, and NASCC!
Flour Bluff ISD hosted the
Hornet TISCA (Texas Inter-
scholastic Swimming Coaches
Association) Invitational Meet
on November 16 and 17. The
5A teams included Flour Bluff,
Tuloso-Midway, and San An-
tonio Alamo Heights. The 6A
teams were Houston Cypress
Springs, Houston Langham
Creek, Houston Lamar, Waco
Midway, Austin Fort Bend, Me-
morial Houston, Houston West-
side, McAllen, El Campo, and
Strake Jesuit Houston. Coach
Bryan Hutchinson and Assistant
Coach Juan Zapata along with
a strong team of swimmers are
working hard to meet and ex-
ceed their goals.
The girls took first in team
scores with a total of 470 points,
scoring nearly 50 points above
the second-place team. The
boys took seventh in team
scores with a total of 179 points.
Strake Jesuit took first with 312
points. New school records
were set in Girls 200 Yard Med-
ley Relay, Girls 400 Freestyle
Relay, Boys 200 Freestyle, and
Boys 100 Butterfly. Individual
scores for girls and boys mak-
ing the finals are below. An (*)
indicates a new school record.
Girls 200 Yard Medley Re-
lay Finals
• 1st Place: FB 1:51.54 (Leah
Collins, Cynthia Ferguson, Am-
marie Wallett, Hannah Hoop-
• 4th Place: FB 1:58.46 (Ona-
chi Isiofia, Lauren Lindemann,
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Fi-
• 1st Place: FB Rachel Huang
Girls 200 Yard IM Finals
• 4th Place: FB Cynthia Fergu-
son 2:18.17 15
• 5th Place: Leah Collins
2:19.25 14
• 9th Place: FB Kylee Hutchin-
son 2:21.84
• 14th Place: FB Lauren Lin-
demannauren 2:27.00
Girls 50 Yard Freestyle Fi-
• 1st Place: FB Ammarie Wal-
lett 24.53
• 9th Place: FB Gabriela Lo-
pez 26.74
• 14th Place: FB Madelyn
Shephard 27.07
• 16th Place: FB Aliyah Welk-
er 27.86
Girls 1 mtr Diving Finals
• 5th Place: FB Taylor Moore
• 6th Place: FB Madison
Green 227.20
• 8th Place: FB Stacy Jor-
gensen 179.00
Girls 100 Yard Butterfly Fi-
• 1st Place: FB AmmarieWal-
lett 59.56
• 8th Place: FB Madelyn She-
phard 1:04.74
• 10th Place: Onachi Isiofia
1:05.30 7
• 11th Place: FB Kylee
Hutchinson 1:05.40
Girls 100 Yard Freestyle Fi-
• 1st Place: FB Rachel Huang
Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
• 1st Place: FB Hannah Hoop-
er 5:18.93
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Re-
lay Finals
• 1st Place: FB 1:43.14 40
(Kylee Hutchinson, Cynthia Fer-
guson, Gabriela Lopez, Rachel
• 7th Place: FB 1:48.99 24 (Ali-
yah Welker, Madelyn Shephard,
Lauren Lindemann, Onachi Isio-
Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
• 2nd Place: FB Leah Collins
• 9th Place: FB Onachi Isiofia
Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
• 2nd Place: FB Hannah
Hooper 1:09.86 17
• 3rd Place: FB Lauren Linde-
mann 1:10.18
• 10th Place: FB Gabriela Lo-
pez 1:14.55
Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Re-
lay Finals
• 1st Place: FB 3:37.59 (Rachel
Huang, Hannah Hooper, Leah
Collins, AmmarieWallett)*
• 10th Place: FB 4:00.70 (Kylee
Hutchinson, Gabriela Lopez, Ol-
ivia Rioux, AliyahWelker)
Boys 200 Yard Medley Re-
lay Finals
tax dollar.
The Santa float started with
the Flour Bluff Volunteer Fire
Department on December 21,
1965. On that Thursday night,
they delivered toys that the
volunteers collected and re-
paired to give to the children of
30 needy families in Flour Bluff.
They also handed out 200 bags
filled with apples, oranges, nuts,
and candy from a 55-foot long
float carrying Santa Claus and
his reindeer. A truck filled with
caroling firemen followed the
float. The tradition lives on, and
Santa will be cruising the streets
again this year thanks to dona-
tions from the community.
Over the years, the firemen
went from being volunteers
serving Flour Bluff and NAS Cor-
pus Christi to being employed
by the Nueces County ESD#2
station and providing fire, wa-
ter, auto rescue, and EMS ser-
vices to Flour Bluff, Padre Island,
Padre Island National Seashore,
and unprotected areas of Kle-
berg and Nueces County. Still,
they continued to keep the San-
ta float alive.
Coach Kara Wallace and
her Secret to Success
The Flour Bluff Lady Hor-
net Varsity Volleyball Team
ended the regular season as
co-champs with Gregory-Port-
land, which resulted in a seed-
ing match between the two
teams. The Hornets lost that
match but made it to the Sweet
“I took the loss against G-P
harder than they did,” said
Coach KaraWallace of her team
as they prepared to head into
the playoffs. “The next day,
they rolled into practice ready
to go. They handled it so well.
We met Port Lavaca first in the
playoffs and beat them in 3.
Then, we beat Edcouch-Elsa
in 3. Our next opponent was
Mission Veterans. They had
been ranked 4th in the state
all year long. I knew my girls
could beat them, but I wanted
them to know they could beat
them. I think the girls felt they
[Hornets] were underestimat-
ed by everyone in the State of
Texas. I teach them not to get
caught up in rankings, to focus
on what we’re doing, and to
give it their all. If we come out
the winners, that was meant. If
we don’t, we can say we did our
absolute best.” The Hornets
beat Mission Veterans in 3 but
lost 3-2 to Boerne-Champion
preventing them from going to
the Regional Finals.
“I couldn’t have been proud-
er of them,” said Wallace. “They
worked hard and believed in
themselves. Teaching kids to
believe in themselves is a pri-
mary goal for coaching. It was
instilled in me by my parents,
and I am passing it on to them.”
Wallace received similar ad-
vice from James McMinn, Flour
Bluff Assistant Athletic Direc-
tor and Head Varsity Girls Bas-
ketball Coach, when she was
chosen for the varsity coach-
ing position. “The first year of
coaching is always tough, but I
was also pregnant with twins!”
said Wallace. “Coach McMinn
was such a blessing. He just
told me to I needed to hang
in there through the first year,
and I would be all right. We
worked through it, but it took a
couple of years for me to make
the program my own.” That
was nine years ago. Wallace
coached freshmen and junior
varsity for six years before tak-
ing over the varsity program.
Wallace credits McMinn and
Coach Nancy Busby for taking
care of her along the way. “I
stole a lot from Coach McMinn.
I liked what he instilled in the
girls. Coach Busby helped me
spiritually. She is so encour-
aging. I’m really strong in my
faith. We prayed a lot, and I
made it through the tough
times.” Wallace also thanks her
husband BrodieWallace, who is
the principal at FB Junior High
and her parents who retired
here and have been a tremen-
dous blessing in helping her
with her three children when
both she and her husband
were coaching and keeping
late hours.
This coach who knows so
much about reaching her ath-
letes brings personal expe-
rience to the table, too. Wal-
lace grew up in Hutto, Texas,
where she attended the same
2A school from kindergar-
ten through twelfth grade.
“I played all the sports,” said
Wallace. “In my junior year,
we were runners-up at State
in volleyball. In my senior year,
we won State. It was a very big
Wallace went on to play Di-
vision I volleyball at Texas A&M
University at Corpus Christi all
four years of her college career.
She student taught at Flour
Bluff with several cooperating
teachers. One was Delmagene
Storm, who introducedWallace
to a man named Brodie Wal-
lace, a coach and special edu-
cation teacher. It was a match
made in heaven. They married
and now have three children.
“At first, I thought that it was
just too quiet here, but now
wouldn’t trade it for anything.
We love being at the Bluff!”said
Wallace. “The people here a
Flour Bluff are second to none.
I have an assistant who has 52
years of coaching experience
and she said she’s never seen
anything like it. Flour Bluff
cares about its people. There’s
just so much love shown to one
Wallace’s athletes experi
enced this when they were
given a Hornet send off when
they were headed for the play
offs. “The girls were so excited
to see all the younger kids lin
ing the streets with posters an
banners they made for us. Thi
is what happens here. Wemak
each other feel important an
that we serve a purpose.” This i
something that Wallace passe
on to her team. “I want the
to know that even if they don’
get the playing time the other
get, they are still helping the
team and making a difference.”
This idea of lifting eac
other is extended to all levels.
Wallace makes a point of visit
ing the junior high, freshmen
and JV teams to get to kno
them and show them she care
about what they’re doing. Thi
is true of her relationship with
the coaches of these teams
too. “Part of my job is makin
sure that my assistants are do
ing a good job with their kids.
It’s important that they ar
happy and positive because
they’re working with the kids,
said Wallace, who believes tha
a lot of showing respect fo
someone is making sure they
have what they need to be suc
“When the kids make mis
takes and must be disciplined
When a kid does somethin
once, I tell them to deal wit
and serve the consequences.
Then, I let it go,” said Wallace.
“I don’t want them to think
about it anymore and get pas
it. Most of the time, that’s all it
takes. They need to feel com
Wallace –
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• 6th Place: FB 1:42.77 (Kraig
Bray, Tucker Garrett, Alex Wal-
lett, Nicolas Gallegos)
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Fi-
• 2nd Place: FB Alex Wallett
Boys 50 Yard Freestyle Fi-
• 1st Place: FB Kraig Bray
Boys 1 mtr Diving Finals
• 2nd Place: FB Royce Salinas
Boys 100 Yard Butterfly Fi-
• 1st Place: FB Alex Wallett
Boys 500 Yard Freestyle Fi-
• 12th Place: FB Grayson
White 5:26.32
Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
•1st Place: FB Kraig Bray
Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke
• 15th Place: FB Josh Kout-
soumbaris 1:05.87
Boys 400Yard Freestyle Re-
lay Finals
• 3rd Place: FB 3:23.13 (Ka-
leb Cain, Nicolas Gallegos, Kraig
Bray, Alex Wallett)
Coach Hutchinson is very
clear to all that he never wants
the kids to forget where they
started. Flour Bluff was the
only school in the area to have
a pool on site thanks to E.J.
Wranosky. He had it built in
1968, and many of the students
enrolled at that time helped
do it. The old pool had many
age-related issues and was not
big enough to host the bigger
meets like theTISCAmeets. The
new natatorium has proved to
be a good fit for the school as
has Coach Hutchinson. “We
Santa’s Route
Santa’s exact route
can be accessed at
the Flour Bluff Fire
Department website:
/. Below
is the list of streets
visited each night.
Santa takes off at 6:00
p.m. and returns to the station
around 9:00 p.m. to rest up for
the next night. He doesn’t trav-
el every street, so find the one
closest to you and listen for the
Christmas music and the “HO!
HO! HO!” of the little round man
in the red suit.
Sunday, December 9:
cantada, Palmira, San Felipe,
Cabo Blanco, Punta Bonaire, Sea
Pines, Palo Seco, Coral Vine, Al-
lamanda, Pionciana, Bay Bean,
Treebine, Sea Pines, Palmira,
Gypsy, White Cap, Dasmarinas,
Aquarius, Tesoro, Cobo de Bara,
Port Royal, Camino de Plata,
Reales, Commodores, Cobana,
Compass, Headsail, frontage,
Jack Fish, Sea Horse, Aloha, Sun-
tan, Ambrosia, Marina
Monday, December 10:
guna Shores, East Lakeside, NAS
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Drive, Claride, Jane, Jester (east),
Marzbacher, Skipper, NAS-CC
Fawn, Jester (west), Military,
Matlock, Stone (north), Dema,
Talmadge, Quetzal, Crossbill,
Oriole, Raven, Lovebird, Bull-
finch, Baywood, O’Neill, Stone
(south), 1st National, Compton
Wednesday, December 12:
Knickerbocker, Waldron, Gra-
ham, Amber, Blossom, Crayton,
Rosemary, Lana, Don Patricio,
Woodcrest, Purdue, Sentinel,
Division, Retta, Handlin, Polo
Vista, Luzius, Beta, Zuza, Strom,
Kazmir, Windmere, Orleans, Al-
hambra, Sussex, Lombardy, Cas-
tle Park Apts
Thursday, December 13:
Hustlin’ Hornet, Baffin Bay, Red-
fish Bay, Bird Island, Vannoy,
Alazan, Purdue, Ollie, Utica,
Lorine, Rose, Stanton, Grand
View, Truk, Tonga, Glenoak, St.
Peter, St. Francis, St. Joseph,
Held, Airdrome, Bel Air, Kaipo,
Sandy Oaks, Santana, Caprice,
Friday, December 14:
dron, Bay Berry, Glenoak, Oak
Ridge, Juniper, Tulane, South
Sea, Trinidad, Ransom Island,
Norfolk, Debra, Gulfstream,
Monmouth, Belmont, Bimini,
Caribbean, Coral Reef, Meadow
Ridge, Vega, Otranto, Mediter-
ranean, Cartagena, Coveway,
Saturday, December 15:
Compton, Cornerstone, Em-
maus, Sunglo, Seth, Isaiah, Mi-
cah, Sea Oak, Sky Crest, Oak Hill,
Oak Valley, Oak Harbor, Shore-
line Vista, Antoinette, Louisville,
Purdue, Vialoux, Nanavut, Ellie
Nova Scotia, Annie Way, Date
Palm, Retta, Montreal, Manito
ba, Selkirk, Grand Park, Grand
Canal, Ramfield, Golden Oak
Scarlet Oak, Roscher, Whisper
ing Oak, Newcastle, Burgentine
Paradise, Whispering Oak, Rich
land, Armitage, Riata, Audobon
Arman, Shadi, Yorktown
Sunday, December 16: York
town, Lynda Lee, Clearview,
Sweet Bay, Alisa Ann, Seaside
Rick, Laguna Shores, Caribbe
an, Laguna Estates, Riverdale
Shore, Seaside, Wagner Lee,
Portsmouth, Gulfton, Bromp
ton, Perthshire, Easy, Clarice
Herring, Carp, Whiteley, Wyn
dale, Spring, Claudia, Rex, York
Coach Bryan Hutchinson and Hornet swim teammembers react to Hannah Hooper finishing first in
500-yard freestyle (Photo credit: Shirley Thornton)
FB Lady Hornets Varsity Volleyball Team 2018-2019 (listed by jersey number): 1 Adrienne Van
Brunt, 2 Italy Danner, 3 Abbie Brummett, 4 Cali Nims, 5 Rhori Beauregard, 6 Patton Sanders, 7 Ell
Atherton, 8 Gwen Casner-Pena, 10 Hayle Campbell, 11 MacKenzie Wiggins, 12 Kylee McCarrell, 1
Gloria Geurin, 15 Ashelin Daniels, 16 Haston Guess, 17 Claire Naismith
Wallace family enjoying time together
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