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God has given every person
and invites the discovery of
possibilities within each one
we encounter. We believe in
the ultimate power of God
to overcome any challenge
to the abundant life offered
through Jesus Christ.”
Reverend John Smith said,
“We had the community, and
with God on our side, we
knew we had to rebuild. We
had to do whatever it took
to be able to have services in
the Sanctuary.”
This was a long, slow, and
hard task. Because the church
was not the only structure
with damage in Texas, they
had to wait their turn for the
adjustor to come and view
the scope of all the damage.
The adjustor then had to re-
turn to their headquarters
September 7, 2018
Issue 17, Vol 2
Hurricane Harvey came
ashore near Rockport, Texas,
just over a year ago. Fortu-
nately, most of us have been
able to take care of the dam-
age we were dealt. For some,
because of their location on
Padre Island, repairs are con-
tinuing. Completion of this
work is projected to be No-
vember of 2018. One of the
structures hit hard was Island
in the Son United Methodist
Church, located on Highway
361, on the way to Port Aran-
sas, Texas. It is a beautiful and
comfortable church to each
of its 103 members. But, af-
ter Hurricane Harvey hit, the
church was pretty much de-
According to John Bur-
nette, one of the leading
members, the roof came off.
Ethel Eyerly Seniors Give Back to Community
I s land in the Son Cont inues to Help
Others in Wake of Storm
Those who have never
ventured into the Ethel Ey-
erly Community Center on
Graham Road in Flour Bluff
would be surprised at what
they see. There senior cit-
izens from Flour Bluff and
Padre Island gather to visit,
have lunch, play sports, cre-
ate art, learn self-defense,
and exercise. However, there
is more going on there than
meets the eye.
“We don’t just play bingo,”
said Ruby Martinez, long-
time volunteer at the center.
“We’re out in the community.
We are involved in the school
and in other community
$1000 check to Flour Bluff
week. “Through generous
donations, we have paid it
forward by helping out with
the third- and fourth-graders
for several years,” said Mar-
tinez. “The donation will be
used to help needy students
who need basic items, such
as socks, underwear, hygiene
products, and school sup-
In previous years, the se-
niors have sponsored the
“Shop with a Senior” pro-
gram. According to Mar-
tinez, each child received
$100 to buy necessary items
for school and home. “We
even gave each one $10 to
spend any way they wanted,”
said Martinez. The shopping
event also included lunch
out at Little Caesar’s Pizza,
Whataburger, or McDonald’s.
“We even took them swim-
ming and got them dessert
at Kona Ice. In the shopping
years, we also gave the cam-
pus $300 for them to use as
needed. We also bought 44
lice kits, socks, underwear,
“It was pulled off of both ends
of the church. After that, ev-
erything inside got wet and
was ruined. All of the sheet-
rock, lights, doors, and carpet
had to be removed,” stated
“I could stand right here in
the middle of the sanctuary
and stare up at the beautiful
sky,”remarked Reverend John
Smith, Pastor of Island in the
Son. “It was a beautiful sight,
but everything around was
totally ruined. What the wind
didn’t destroy, the water did.”
According to the bylaws of
this church, the Mission is “to
provide a community which
celebrates the life which
– by Kim Snee
– by Shirley Thornton
– by Dawna Gadberry
and personal hygiene prod-
ucts for the school to give
Martinez said that this
very giving senior group
volunteers in other ways,
too. They have developed a
rapport with Flour Bluff ISD,
the Flour Bluff Business Asso-
ciation, the Flour Bluff-Padre
Island 4-H, and the local PTA
and are often called to help
with special projects. Mar-
tinez explained that 17 to
21 volunteers regularly take
part in a reading program
at the Flour Bluff Early Child-
hood Center. “These volun-
teers are at the ECC reading
to the children at least four
times each week,” she said.
“We have taken part in a
pen pal program initiated
by the 4-H, volunteered as
servers for the PTA at the
‘Donuts for Dad’ and ‘Muffins
for Mom’ projects, served
cookies and punch at Com-
munity Christmas sponsored
by the Business Association,”
said Martinez, “and we were
able to help a long-term
substitute teacher when she
was teaching in place of a
teacher whose daughter was
fighting cancer. We made
sure her students had those
special items that teachers
give kids on the different
Martinez has even bee
called upon to make publi
service announcements. “
have been on the close-cir
cuit television at the school
talking to kids about Grand
parents’ Day and remindin
them of upcoming events.”
Martinez, like the senior
she represents, is making a
difference in the community
and in the schools. She en
courages seniors in the are
to check out what is happen
ing at Ethel Eyerly and joi
the team to help make the
community and school an
even better place to live.
Mr. Bryan Gray of FBISD accepts $1000 check for FB Elementary SOS program (Photo by Flo East,
courtesy of Ruby Martinez)
Flour Bluff Student Wins
FRA Scholarship
Flour Bluff ISD Proposes “No Tax Rate
Increase” for Upcoming Year; District
to Take Advantage of Additional Stat
Funding Opportunity
and draw up a plan and cost
Thankfully, all UnitedMeth-
odist Churches must have in-
surance through Church Mu-
tual. Through this insurance
and other means, the rebuild-
ing began. In the meantime,
the congregation wanted to
continue with church ser-
vices. So, church meetings
Hurricane –
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Island in the Son after Harvey (Photo courtesy of Island in the Son)
Sanctuary at Island in the Son one year ago (Photo courtesy of Island in the Son)
were held each Sunday at the
Yacht Club on Padre Island.
By Mother’s Day, enough of
the sanctuary was complet
to hold services. This was
very special day to everyone.
The final repairs and main
Grand Re-Opening will b
Mr. Bryan Gray of FBISD accepts $1000 check for FB Elementary SOS program (Photo by Flo East,
courtesy of Ruby Martinez)
“Muffins for Mom” PTA Project volunteers
(Photo courtesy of Ruby Martinez)
Fleet Reserve Association
Branch 94 has awarded its
2018 scholarship to Four
Bluff High School Senior
Brittney Bell. FRA awards an
annual scholarship to chil-
dren and grandchildren of
its members who are high
school seniors or post high
school freshmen or sopho-
FRA Branch 94 President Ricardo Hankerson presents a $1000 Scholarship award to Brittney Bell.
(Photo courtesy of Wayne Bortner)
Flour Bluff ISD is proposing
a“no tax rate increase”for the
upcoming tax year. Our tax-
payers will continue to enjoy
one of the lowest school dis-
trict tax rates in the area.
For the upcoming tax year,
the District will take advan-
tage of an increased funding
opportunity from the state.
Because the District is locat-
ed in a declared disaster area
resulting from Hurricane
Harvey, Flour Bluff ISD is el-
igible to take part in a one-
time, two (2) penny “swap”
from the District’s Interest
and Sinking (I&S) tax rate to
the District’s Maintenance
and Operations (M&O) tax
rate for the 2018-2019 school
year. This “swap” is allowable
under the Texas property
tax code for the year follow-
ing a declared disaster area.
The swap allows the district
to receive additional funds
from the state of Texas. This
two-penny “swap” is often re-
ferred to as a“swap and drop”
where the district drops one
rate and raises the other, re-
sulting in an unchanged tax
rate for local property own-
ers. The District anticipates
the “swap” will provide a
one-time increase in revenue
of approximately $475,000
from state monies for the
District’s general fund.
“This is truly a win-win for
the district and the taxpay-
ers,” said Brian Schuss, Flour
Bluff ISD Superintendent of
Schools. “This additional
funding from the state wil
help to offset increased costs
the district has incurred re
sulting from Hurricane Har
vey. In addition, we’ll con
tinue to provide one of the
lowest school district ta
rates in the area, while ensur
ing our students have acces
to top-rated academic an
extracurricular programs, up
dated facilities, a safe and se
cure school environment an
highly qualified teachers.”
If approved by the Flou
Bluff ISD Board of Trustees
the District’s tax rate woul
remain $1.1450 per $10
property valuation. Onc
approved, taxpayers will no
see an increase in the tota
tax rate and this will gener
ate additional state fundin
for Flour Bluff ISD.
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